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The world's most advanced browser HTML5 based WYSIWYG editor lets you experience a whole new way of editing. It's faster than existing technologies and offers unprecedented WYSIWYG functionalities.

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MousepointerWith this WYSIWYG editor you can edit any website content instantaneously. You see the changes the moment you type. No training necessary to edit content of a website, wiki, blog or any other application.

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80% loading time saved Aloha Editor the HTML5 WYSIWYG editor operates within the DOM of the front end website. You see what you get - while doing it! No fiddling around, no pop-ups. Just fast.
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HTML5 WYSIWYG editor contenteditable Aloha Editor the HTML5 WYSIWYG editor allows you to edit content you would never imagine you can. It is the world's first full featured Editor that allows you to edit dynamic content live and in place.
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Aloha Editor Links & Repositories

Aloha Editor is designed to be the easiest to use, the fastest in editing and the best in its functions. We made no trade-off in our concept when it comes to user experience. Aloha Editor is different. Feel the difference. Aloha Features

Link the world.

The Aloha Editor Link Plugin is the world's easiest way to set a link. Just click on the link icon or press CTRL+L. The whole word your cursor is in will get selected.
Type the URL or a keyword and choose from the list of links you get while typing. When you are finished just press ENTER.

Repositories - connect everything!

The Repository API makes it easy to connect any backend system and offers a lot of functionalities. Search for objects with type ahead or more structured with a repository browser. Furthermore you can select objects by type, so you can integrate links, images but even products or any other type you define.

minute setup guide

Integrating Aloha Editor into your page and start editing your content is easy. That is all you need:

Integrate Aloha Editor

CDN-Version: Use the hosted CDN-Version of Aloha Editor for free -- see the highlighted sections in our code example below.
Download: If you want to host your own version of Aloha Editor you can download the latest version.

Load Aloha Editor

Include the required dependencies (require.js, jquery.js) and Aloha Editor (aloha.js, aloha.css), adjust the configuration to your needs and make elements editable.

Further information about using Aloha Editor can be found in the Aloha Editor Guides.

Save modified data

In our second example you'll learn how to store data into your backend system using Aloha Editor.


If there are any questions feel free to use our issue tracker / forum or send a message.