Aloha Editor Demos

Try our demos and feel the Aloha Editor Experience.
Please note that some examples are highly experimental to show the future possibilites.


Aloha Web2Print

Aloha Editor can edit any content a browser can render. The Moby Dick example was developed by Joshua Kelly as part of a CSS3 multi column layout tutorial. Additionally you can see how Aloha Editor can edit text with fonts you don't have installed on your computer.

Try it out.

Aloha Blog

Aloha Editor in a Wordpress Blog. What if you could edit or write your blog post right where it will appear? It could be as easy as this to change content and see the result immediately. Forget about Wordpress's preview function. Aloha Editor lets you edit the final result.

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Aloha Dynamic Content

9 instances of Aloha Editor in 1 page. Feel how fast Aloha Editor loads all instances. The content elements are dynamic and you can edit them. Try out the content accordion or open and close the portlets. This is a unique experience. No other full-featured editor can do this!

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Aloha World

This Aloha Editor demo shows how the editor is configured. The example feels like Google docs, but comes with 3 editables featuring different configurations. Developers, look at the source.

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Aloha Magics Cubes

The magic cube is a CSS3 implementation of Zachary Johnson. You can edit content which usually is not editable directly in desktop applications. Play around and try now how you can edit in future.

Try it out.